About DjCreativeMind

IMG_8078DjCreativeMind is a young influential DJ from Orlando, FL and has been spinning for more than eight years from when he was first introduced to the digital art form by his uncle in New York City. The last two years have entailed enormous growth while spinning for events, parties, and creating custom mixtapes.

CM (CreativeMind) took a liking to making mixtapes while listening to other Jocky’s, and thought how cool it would be if he could create a mixtape, so when the opportunity showed itself, he took advantage!

Now, creating mixtapes for over a year, he has started releasing his own mixtape series and has received exceptional traffic to the mixtapes as well as a tons of support from people
across the United States. CreativeMind has made a platform available for upcoming and underground artists, and gives them the chance to showcase their talent to millions of people.

With no limit to the audience that listens to CreativeMind’s
mixtapes, reaching all the way from London and down to Hawaii, and everywhere in between. 2016 came in with a bang when CreativeMind decided to create a new mixtape series called “The Hit List”.

Expand your brand with CreativeMind and get your music heard across the world!